Sanitation continues to be a headlining topic for the baking industry as it tries to keep up with new regulations from the Food and Drug Administration. Freezing equipment is already on top of its game, as much of it meets the harsher US Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s standards for the meat industry.

“We’re seeing a trend in the baking industry toward equipment that is easier to clean because in the past, the industry had fallen behind a bit,” said Daniel Plante, director of sales & marketing, North America, JBT FoodTech. JBT FoodTech’s GYRoCOMPACT freezer was built for the meat industry; therefore, it was already built with hygiene in mind. The freezer uses less moving parts, so cleaning it is faster. It also includes a fully seam-welded stainless steel enclosure.

Alit’s open design structure makes its spiral freezers easier to clean. The Italian company’s freezer is also built with stainless steel for better hygiene with washdown capabilities.

Praxair recently revamped its equipment to make it more accessible for cleaning and inspection, in line with USDA standards. “We redesigned the system so that plant personnel can inspect and see everything once it’s been cleaned, and the person cleaning the freezer can actually get to everything,” said Frank Martin, marketing manager, food refrigeration, Praxair. The freezer also includes fully welded joints and added space between structural components and the floor so sanitors and inspectors can see underneath the freezer.