A bar line is only as good as its versatility. Bar producers want to create a variety of bars to keep up with consumer demand. “We’re seeing more creativity in their recipes, using seeds and whole nuts, dried fruits, gluten-free, organic, vegan, high protein,” said John McIsaac, vice-president, strategic business development, Reiser. “Processors need a bar system that allows fast and easy changeovers from one product formulation to another and from one shape to another.”

Lines that are easy to change over reduce downtime and increase a producer’s viability. But such changeovers must be simple for operators to execute. Reiser’s Vemag Bar Extruder features an extrusion die that can be easily and quickly swapped out, making the production possibilities endless. “A simple swap-out of the extrusion die allows for the production of even the biggest, heftiest bars and all with the same precise portioning and eye appeal of the smaller bars,” Mr. McIsaac said.

Flexibility also comes into play as doughs can vary from one batch to the next. “Sometimes we’re subject to whatever we’re given from the mixer,” said Brett Cutler, technical services supervisor, Baker Perkins, Inc. To accommodate dough changes that may occur from ingredient differences or resting time, Baker Perkins features adjustable feed roll speeds, servo control mechanisms and individual lane controls to offer operators as much flexibility as possible.

“We give them as many tools as possible to keep them within the optimal production range,” Mr. Cutler said.