In some hot, muggy climates, deciding whether to invest in an enclosed, temperature-controlled cooler can be a no-brainer. However, bakers might consider myriad other factors.

“In addition to product temperature requirements, if the product needs to release moisture prior to packaging or slicing, an ambient spiral cooler will not meet the plant’s needs, and a refrigerated spiral cooler should be evaluated,” said Anthony, Salsone, sales engineer, G&F Systems.

Partnering with Air Management Technologies, G&F Systems offers a refrigerated cooler that also addresses other essential elements such as product consistency, mold control, enhanced sanitation and even energy efficiency, according to Mr. Salsone.

The Kaak Group offers both solutions. “An advantage of enclosed-temperature controlled cooling is reduced cooling time, which will result in an increase in line capacity,” said Ashley Morris, sales manager.

A lower temperature can offer enhanced moisture retention, reduce the side collapse of a larger product or increase the shelf life of the baked item, Mr. Morris noted.