Statistics Canada last week confirmed that Canadian canola production will set a new record, although the crop was smaller than forecast at the end of July. Canadian canola production was estimated at 12,928,000 tonnes, down 264,500 tonnes from the July projection but up 155,000 tonnes, or 1%, from 12,773,000 tonnes in 2010. The previous record-large canola crop was harvested in 2009 at 12,889,000 tonnes. Statistics Canada commented, “Western farmers reported that canola production could reach 12.8 million tonnes, up 1.1% from 2010 production. The advance is the result of a record harvested area of 17.9 million acres, up 6.3% over 2010. However, the expected yield of 31.6 bus per acre represents a decline of 4.8% from 2010. Of the four western provinces, only Manitoba expects its canola production to decline from 2010 levels.”

Canadian wheat production in 2011 was estimated at 24,160,000 tonnes, up 84,000 tonnes from the July outlook and up 993,000 tonnes, or 4%, from 23,167,000 tonnes in 2010. Canadian wheat production in 2009 was 26,848,000 tonnes. Spring wheat production was estimated at 17,243,000 tonnes, down 122,000 tonnes from the July forecast and down 242,000 tonnes, or 1%, from 17,485,000 tonnes a year ago. Winter wheat production was estimated at 2,978,000 tonnes, up 16,000 tonnes from the July projection and up 321,000 tonnes, or 12%, from 2,657,000 tonnes as the 2010 outturn. Canadian durum production was estimated at 3,940,000 tonnes, up 191,000 tonnes from the July outlook and up 915,000 tonnes, or 30%, from 3,025,000 tonnes in 2010. The 2009 crop was 5,400,000 tonnes.

Canadian oats production was estimated at 2,887,000 tonnes, up 1,000 tonnes from the July forecast and up 407,000 tonnes, or 16%, from 2,480,000 tonnes a year ago. Canadian oats production was 2,906,000 tonnes in 2009.