WASHINGTON — February production of nonfat dry milk was up while production of skim powders was down from a year ago, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said in its latest

Dairy Products report.

Nonfat dry milk production in February was 122,961,000 lbs, down 21% from January 2009 but up 4% from February 2008. Output of skim milk powders was 22,693,000 lbs, down 33% from the previous year but up 29% from the previous month.

Manufacturers’ stocks of edible nonfat dry milk on Feb. 28 were 188,821,000 lbs, up 19% from the previous year but down 7% from January 2009.

Total dry whey production was 82,700,000 lbs, down 6% from the previous year. Production of lactose was 51,301,000 lbs, down 15%, and total whey protein concentrate production was 31,153,000 lbs, down 7% from February 2008, the U.S.D.A. said. Dry buttermilk outturn was 6,629,000 lbs, up 14% from a year ago.

Total manufacturers’ stocks of dry whey on Feb. 28 were 56,661,000 lbs, down 4% from the previous year, and included 54,176,000 lbs for human use, down 4%, and 2,485,000 lbs for animal use, up 11%. Whey protein concentrate stocks totaled 34,591,000 lbs, up 4% from the previous year. Total lactose stocks were 93,436,000 lbs, up 11% from the previous year. Dry buttermilk stocks were 6,916,000 lbs, down 53% from the previous year.

Butter production in February was 145,436,000 lbs, down 1% from February 2008 and down 17% from January 2009.

Cheese production in February totaled 768,517,000 lbs, down 2% from a year ago and down 7% from January 2009.

Production of regular hard ice cream in February was 63,055,000 gallons, down 3% from the previous year. Low-fat ice cream production was 25,814,000 gallons, down 8% from the previous year.

The U.S.D.A. noted that data were not adjusted for the extra day in 2008 due to leap year.