WASHINGTON — Presentations on ways for bakers to enhance energy efficiency, legislative issues related to food safety and the new Navistar 2010 engine will be featured at the second annual policy conference of the American Bakers Association.

The group will meet June 16-17 in Washington.

A presentation on how to become more energy efficient during an economic downturn will be presented to A.B.A.’s Energy and Environmental Health Committee. Speaking on the topic will be Daniel W. Parke, president of Lime Energy. An afternoon session will focus on climate change policy with a review of the House legislation and E.P.A. proposed regulations. The committee’s session will conclude with a presentation by Paul Argyropoulos, senior policy adviser, Office of Transportation and Air Quality at the E.P.A. He will review the agency’s biofuels proposal and how it could affect the baking industry.

Preparations to meet with members of Congress about food safety legislation will be the focal point for the Food Technical Regulatory Affairs Committee.

The group will offer representatives the baking industry’s perspective on various proposals, including registration fees, traceability and country-of-origin labeling (COOL) standards, third-party certification and other issues. The FTRAC will be updated on other issues as well, including labeling, nutrition, allergens and biotechnology.

In addition to discussing the Navistar engine and compliance with the sharp reduction in emissions allowed in 2010 versus 2007 standards, the Fleet and Distribution Committee will be updated on a hydrogen injection engine and tray loss efforts by the A.B.A. through the Combating Organized Retail Crime Act.