Ashworth has begun producing its Eye-Link belt at its Winchester, VA, manufacturing facility, giving US customers the chance to employ these belts and achieve the benefits of cleanliness, durability and utility that European customers have long enjoyed. The Eye-Link belts are lightweight, positively driven, straight running conveyor belts that feature an inherently strong design that naturally tracks straight. Eye-links make up the flat, even surface for smooth product conveyance, and the overall construction provides a rigid structure that resists side-to-side deflection while enabling the belt to handle thousands of pounds of tension. Ashworth Eye-Link belts are positively-driven by rollers, sprockets or a chain edge. Suited for a wide variety of applications, the belts come in numerous configurations of pitch spacing, wire diameter and mesh designs that range from being very open for maximum cleanability to very tight for small product conveyance. Phone (800) 682-4594;