Baking trays are hand-fed into the waterless JEROS 6015 tray/cleaning/ oiling/stacking system at a rate of 12.5 to 17 trays per minute. Burned-on deposits are crushed by high-pressure rollers. High-speed brushes then scour the trays down to the metal, removing any remaining deposits. As the trays emerge from the cabinet, a thin coat of vegetable oil is applied as a release agent, and the trays are automatically deposited onto one of the two included pan dollies. The system offers labor and energy savings and reduces maintenance. Reglazing is never needed, and straightening of minor bends is accomplished each time the trays are fed through the high-pressure rollers. JEROS 6015 is available for pans of standard 18- by 26-in. sizes, fractional trays and custom sizes, in either solid or perforated configurations. The system is available from JEROS-USA, which is also represented by Unifiller Systems, Inc. and All-Bake Technologies. Phone (312) 261-6004;