TNA introduces its intelli-flav 2 flavoring system as a completely integrated component of its new roflo 3 gateless and fully reversible transfer and distribution conveyors for the snack food industry. The TNA intelli-flav 2 flavoring system’s patented software measures flavor rates and product flow to monitor and self-regulate the correct feed rates for consistent product flavoring. By proportionally distributing product/flavoring to the feeder/flavoring system while controlling the load balance, the flavor drum maintains maximum flavoring runtime and minimizes under- or over-flavoring. The consistent application and delicate handling also results in minimal flavor wastage and less product damage. When the product flow rate changes, TNA intelli-flav 2 issues a corresponding change in the flavor rate ensuring the correct ratio of flavor to product is delivered. Settings are retained as a recipe on a touch screen for simple operation and repeatability. A quick-change, lightweight polymer drum and gateless conveying pans require no tools, making changeovers and cleaning even quicker. Phone (972) 462-6500;