Ross offers a new design of the PowerMix planetary disperser for viscous mixtures requiring a combination of slow- and high-speed agitation. This new design combines two slow-speed planetary stirrers with two conventional high-speed dispersers. All agitators revolve on their own axis, while at the same time on a common axis. Each of the agitators is independently driven to allow individual speed control. The high-speed blades provide an intensive shearing action, while the planetary stirrers continually move material into the highspeed blades. The PowerMix shown is designed for vacuum operation and includes a jacketed mix vessel for heating and cooling the batch. Also included are a special vacuum filling hopper, a rotating wall scraper, full controls, a transfer cart, heat transfer system and vacuum pump. The PowerMix is available in many sizes up to 750-gal working capacity. Phone (800) 243-ROSS; Web