Schneider Packaging Equipment and Lantech introduce the Stack and Wrap palletizing/stretch wrapping cell combining two or more lines into a centralized automated palletizing stretch wrapping station. The Stack and Wrap solution actually builds the unit load on the stretch wrapper, which more effi ciently handles and stabilizes lightweight, unstable loads in reduced floor space. The palletizing system was engineered by Schneider and centers a FANUC robotic arm between two Lantech Q-600 stretch wrappers. A Lantech distributor, xpedx, identified how the machines should interface and initiated the collaboration between the parties. The system is designed to handle two different products simultaneously, thus allowing the system to maintain high throughput during wrapping. The Lantech Q-600 includes special logic and hardware for this design, as well as Lantech’s patented Pallet Grip load containment system to lock the load to the pallet for safe transport. For this application, the film is stretched at 250%, thus 10 in. of raw film becomes 35 in. applied to the load. Phone (315) 676-3035; Web or ?