Great Western Manufacturing’s QA gravity flow series of horizontal sifters operates with a sifting motion that retains material longer and has a slower and gentler sieving action. By minimizing vertical agitation, the sifters keep the fine material in contact with the screen longer, providing more accurate separations. Because the sifters use multiple stacked sieves, large amounts of sifting surface can be obtained while using a minimum of floor space. Multiple separations can be achieved with the amount of sieve area for each separation accurately allocated according to product requirements. Its features include all-stainless-steel contact surfaces; simple, sanitary sieve frame construction; snap-on food-grade neoprene gaskets; elimination of all fasteners in the product zone and traditional backwire; reliable pneumatic sieve compression system; easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance; and wrap-around guards for unsurpassed personnel safety. Phone (913) 682-2291;