The new patent-pending Precision Depositor from The Peerless Group increases accuracy, reducing the cost of product giveaway. It is up to 10 times more accurate than piston-type depositors and uses a MassFlow design. Because a piston-type or volumetric depositor’s scaling accuracy can vary from 2 to 10%, bakeries often have to bias deposits high to reach the desired product weight. For example, in a real-world test of 365-g deposits of cake batter, the standard deviation of a piston depositor was 28.2 g, whereas the Peerless Precision Depositor’s deviation was only 2.6 g — a 90% improvement. The Precision Depositor uses programmable recipes and ultra-quick calibration at startup for rapid changeovers. Combined with unlimited single-deposit sizes, it offers greater flexibility across SKUs, increased throughput and the opportunity to save valuable production time. Phone (800) 999-3327;