K-Tron Processs Group presents ActiFlow, a material flow aid that offers a new alternative to other forms of mechanical hopper agitation. It reliably prevents bridging and rat-holing of cohesive materials in loss-in-weight feeder hoppers. ActiFlow is a nonproduct contact device for applications where the ingredients are diffi cult flowing and/ or cohesive. It eliminates the need for mechanical agitators with secondary motors and gearboxes as well as flexible side wall agitation devices and aeration pads. ActiFlow greatly simplifies the cleaning process during material changeover and reduces headroom requirements. IBIE attendees can see the ActiFlow on a loss-in-weight K-Tron T35/S60 Quick Change feeder at Booth No. 7350. Phone (856) 589-0500; Webwww.ktron.com/ActiFlow