Sweet and salty is a popular flavor combination in snacks, but not many snack makers have ventured into the frosting-flavored chip market. That’s just what Classic Foods, Irvine, CA, did with its new Baked Classics snack line.

“When consumers pick up a bag of Baked Classics Vanilla Frosting multigrain crisps, we want them to expect the velvety taste of vanilla and the sweet, creamy taste of whipped frosting,” said Roya Rohani, vice-president of marketing, Classic Foods. “The rich flavoring is perfectly complemented by the light, airy popped crisp to create an indulgent snack that won’t weigh them down.”

The Vanilla Frosting multigrain snacks contain 120 Cal per 1-oz package, while the savory styles in the Baked Classics line — Mesquite BBQ and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper popped potato chips — contain 110 Cal per package. Each package retails for $0.89 to $1.59, and Jeff Rynearson, vice-president of sales, said a 3-oz. bag, priced at $1.99 to $2.69, will be coming soon.

Made with all-natural ingredients and without cholesterol, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, trans fat or MSG, the Baked Classics line is kosher-certified and gluten-free. “Due to the increased awareness of celiac disease, as well as less serious forms of gluten sensitivity, it was extremely important to us to make sure the product was gluten-free,” said Sam Kilgore, director of QA and innovation.

To produce the multigrain snack, the company relies on the same technique it has used to make its popped potato chips for more than 40 years. Specifically, it forms the raw material into pellets, which are then placed under pressure and expanded to form the chips. Baking and seasoning application follow. This method yields a lower-fat product than traditional frying.

“This is a product that moms can feel good about giving to their kids and can enjoy themselves,” Mr. Kilgore said. “And of course, they are sure to be a favorite of anyone trying to stick to a healthier lifestyle.”

Launched in February, the Baked Classics snacks come in packages boasting a quirky narrative describing the flavors, thus helping the products stand out in a crowd.

“These stories describe the flavors through a comical life lesson and ultimately share great insight, or ‘Baked Wisdom,’” Ms. Rohani said. “The idea that a snack food can provide such wisdom is reflective of our achievement in creating a low-calorie crisp with unbelievable flavor.”
That wisdom:

"Licking the bowl is okay. Just make sure it's your bowl."
— Vanilla Frosting

"Opposites attract. Especially when baked to perfection."
— Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper

"That's not color you got after 2 hours. It's sunburn."
— Mesquite BBQ