New from Suncore Products, LLC, Denver, CO, WhoNu? cookies are certified-kosher. According to the packaging, each 3-cookie (36-g) serving has as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal, as much calcium and vitamin D as an 8-oz glass of milk, as much vitamin C as a cup of blueberries, as much vitamin A as an 8-oz glass of tomato juice, as much vitamin B12 as a cup of cottage cheese and fruit, as much vitamin E as 2 cups of carrot juice, and as much iron as a cup of spinach. One serving contains an average of 160 Cal and 7 g fat with 1.5 g saturated fat. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla sandwich varieties and Crispy and Soft & Chewy chocolate-chip style, the cookies retail in a 12-oz resealable pack for $2.99 to $3.49.