Product developers seeking opportunities in the health-and-wellness market will want to take a look at the benefits of OatWell oat beta-glucan from DSM Nutritional Products. Its clinically proven benefits support cholesterol reduction, blood glucose control and gastrointestinal health.

Multiple clinical studies show that daily intake of 3 g beta-glucan such as that provided by OatWell oat beta-glucan lowers cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk by as much as 20%. Both FDA (21 CFR 101.81) and EFSA (Article 14.0) have approved health claims for oat beta-glucan for cholesterol reduction and the associated risk of developing heart disease.

Oat beta-glucan works by forming a viscous gel within the lower intestine, thereby lowering blood cholesterol levels. Three key parameters are needed for clinical efficacy and to ensure adequate viscosity in the gut: concentration, solubility and molecular weight. The company’s milling and sieving process is designed to protect these aspects.

"Currently products containing OatWell are primarily positioned for cholesterol reduction to reduce the risk of CVD, which remains the leading cause of death in the developed world," said Ruedi Duss, global business manager. "In the future, we will launch additional value propositions to support customers in communicating the benefits that oat beta-glucan can deliver for blood glucose reduction and support of digestive health."

OatWell was named one of the most innovative products of the year by the Food Ingredients South America awards. It joined the DSM Nutritional Products roster earlier this year, following its acquisition from Swedish Oat Fiber.

It is available in flour or powder format and is suitable for use in breads, biscuits, cereals, pasta and other foods.

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