Handtmann’s divider with guillotine cutoff can handle a wide range of pizza dough densities and rapidly move product through a short path that helps thwart temperature rise while supplying rounders, sheeters and presses at the highest production speeds.
The company’s dividers are fully wash-down and comply with strict hygienic standards. They are also engineered to minimize downtime required for production changeovers.
“Getting a reliable dough weight without sacrificing product quality is a must-have,” said Cesar Zelaya, bakery technology manager for Handtmann. “Our vane cell design and its short travel path reduce dough stress and doesn’t require any oil or flour, offering a cleaner and cost-effective alternative.”
Handtmann’s multi-lane dividers offer solutions for low- and high-absorption doughs.
The cut-off can also be equipped with a wire cutter that handles a wide range of cookie doughs. The wire cutter helps reduce stress, friction and the smearing of premium inclusions. A range of VF 600B portioners are available for each attachment so every dividing solution can be tailored to match dough specifications and production requirements. In addition, the dividers can also be paired with a multi-lane forming device.
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