With consumers seeking higher protein content in their food, formulators need protein ingredients that provide nutritional and functional effects. What drives this trend is “increased awareness about health- and wellness-related benefits that protein can provide,” said Michael Buttshaw, vice-president of ingredient sales and marketing, MGP Ingredients.
The company’s specialty wheat proteins deliver such benefits, and they are well suited to use in baked foods. “A key consideration for formulators of wheat-flour-based products, in particular, is the natural compatibility that exists between such products and MGP’s Arise and our other wheat-based proteins,” Mr. Buttshaw said.
David Whitmer, corporate director of quality, R&D and innovation, added, “This synergistic advantage can provide formulation and blending ease for food manufacturers, reduce the need for processing adjustments during the food production phase and help deliver the desired taste and textural qualities of the finished product.”
The protein content of Arise 5000, 6000 and 8000 wheat protein isolates ranges from a minimum 85% to more than 90%.
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