Fritsch USA offers the Multitwist system, a multi-functional twisting program that allows fully automatic production of single-cord plaited products. All five steps required for the process are carried out mechanically, from cord production to the twisting of the single-cord plaited product and the depositing onto proofing trays.
The Multitwist is available with up to 100 tools, which are monitored by RFID modules to ensure correct operations and process safety. A tool exchange can take place within three minutes without the use of special tools, which leads to flexibility and efficiency.
Pretzels are the most common product for the Multitwist, and the line can reach a capacity of 2,000 pieces per hour. With a certain degree of automation, the machine can be operated by one person, which reduces cost and increases process safety.
The Multitwist complies with the latest requirements of hygienic design and is easily accessible and simple to clean.
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