The Enviro-Blender from The Fred D. Pfening Co. is designed to help bakers eliminate wasted water. The automatic water temperature blender achieves the desired temperature by modulating the blending valve each second throughout the draw. It reduces water waste while reaching the desired temperature and accurately meters the amount of water to within two-tenths of 1%.
The system includes piping for up to three water sources and uses 1-in. copper tubing with water pressure of 80 psi. It can meter up to 150 lb per minute and serves up to three mixers. Sophisticated deviation alarms with audible signals will alert operators if temperatures go out of the specified range.
A Micro PLC with a color touchscreen interface holds up to 10 batch and temperature set points. The water temperature blending system can be mounted to a wall or free-standing. Its rugged, industrial design offers a long life and uses standard components for ease of maintenance, according to the company.
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