Inspired by traditional milk chocolate flavors, ADM Cocoa introduces deZaan D11LA reduced-fat cocoa powder. The new cocoa builds on the success of previous launches of cocoas with distinctive dark chocolate flavors. Milk chocolate with its hint of caramel derived from milk crumb inspires the newest cocoa. ADM researchers developed a cocoa powder that combines with caramelized milk to provide a rich, creamy, characteristically British milk chocolate taste. Such flavor notes are also present in popular American milk chocolates. Traditionally, these chocolates are made with milk crumb, a compound ingredient composed of sugar, milk and cocoa mass. During processing, the cocoa mass delivers the chocolaty flavor and the milk and sugar the caramel notes, while the selected cocoa powder establishes the lower fat profile. D11LA allows signature milk chocolate flavor to be captured in compound coatings applied to bars, biscuits, wafers, baked goods and more.

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