? US Patent No. 7,687,096 (March 30, 2010), L. Skogerson, et al., assigned to Caravan Ingredients, Inc., Lenexa, KS.

A mono-, di-, and triglyceride emulsifier is obtained by the interesterification or glycerolysis of triglycerides with glycerol. The diglyceride portion is at least 65 to 80%. The high diglyceride emulsifier is useful in preparing margarine from a selected quantity of nonhydrogenated vegetable oil and from an amount of saturated fat for use in puff pastry products. The puff pastry is trans free and contains a less-than-usual percentage of saturated fats. A preferred structured puff pastry margarine is prepared by mixing on a weight-to-weight basis 14 parts of the high diglyceride emulsifier, which is in predominantly stable beta crystal form, from 14 to 27 parts of a nonhydrogenated vegetable oil, and from 40 to 52 parts of a saturated fat.