NON•HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL BASED SHORTENING US Patent No. 7,691,428 (Apr. 6, 2010), L. Skogerson, et al., assigned to Caravan Ingredients, Inc., Lenexa, KS.

A mono-, di-, and triglyceride emulsifier composition is obtained by interesterification or glycerolysis of triglycerides with glycerol. The diglyceride portion is at least 65 to 80% and, most preferably, from 70 to 80%. The high-diglyceride (HiDi) emulsifier is useful in preparing a transfree shortening from a non-hydrogenated vegetable oil for use in bakery foods, which then have a significantly lower saturated fat content and a substantially higher polyunsaturated level than when a conventional mono- and diglyceride emulsifier is used. A preferred shortening that is predominantly in stable beta-prime crystalline form is prepared by mixing on a weight-to-weight basis 10 to 30%, and preferably 15 to 20%, of the HiDi composition, with the remainder being nonhydrogenated soybean oil.