A plastic fat composition to be used mainly as a margarine or shortening has a low content of trans fatty acids and superior qualities without generating coarse crystals, although it includes a large amount of palm-based fats. The plastic fat is composed as follows: Fat A, which is a palm-based fat having an iodine value of no greater than 62; fat B, which is a transesterified oil containing 20 to 60% by mass of a saturated fatty acid having 12 to 14 carbon atoms, and 40 to 80% by mass of a saturated fatty acid having 16 to 18 carbon atoms; and fat C, which is a vegetable oil other than fat A and has a melting point of no higher than 25° C. All fats are in an oil phase, and the ratio of the content of fat A to the content of fat B ranges from 0.5 to 5.5.