ORTING, WASH. — Baxter Bakery Products, a Hobart Food Equipment Group Co., has launched a new brand identity the company believes is "representative of its mission to provide proven technology and authentic results." As part of the effort, Baxter has unveiled a new logo and is launching a new web site, www.baxterbakery.com.

According to Baxter, the new web site will provide information on the company’s enhanced line of baking products as well as capture approaches to baking from scratch, par baking and rethermalization. Additionally, the web site now allows consumers to browse baking products, the various baking approaches, including technical animations of the airflow, steam control and temperature performance, customer success stories and relevant industry news.

"Baxter is proud to become a more valuable partner for our customers by offering a baking experience that can enhance the complex taste, scent and look of artisan bread or can deliver on the appeal of seeing a tempting entree as it bakes," said Damon Childers, vice-president and general manager of Baxter. "The new brand identity and web site illustrate Baxter’s innovative, long-lasting products while demonstrating our commitment to and understanding of our customers and their goals."