BATTLE CREEK, MICH. — The Kellogg Co. on Monday said it has begun a six-month test of reconfigured cereal boxes at participating retailers in Detroit.

The move, which Kellogg said marks the most significant innovation in cereal boxes since the 1950s, will present consumers with shorter, deeper containers that hold the same amount of food.

"The new test boxes will contain the same amount of the food people love and will fit more easily into consumers’ pantries," said Kim Miller, vice-president of Morning Foods Marketing, Kellogg Co. "The new compact packaging also allows for more efficient use of retailer space and enables retailers to offer a wider variety of products."

In addition to saving on space, Kellogg said the new packaging is expected to help protect and preserve natural resources by using an average of 8% less packaging material per cereal box.

The cereal will sell for the same price as regular-sized boxes and receive the same placement in stores.