OMAHA — The Scoular Co. on Oct. 1 signed a distribution agreement with Shandong Sinoglory Group Co., Ltd. under which Scoular will distribute soy protein isolates in the United States and Canada for the Chinese manufacturer of soy protein isolates. "Five years ago we carefully selected Sinoglory to be our production partner because of their integrated approach from farm to finished product," said John Messerich, vice-president of operations for Scoular’s food ingredients marketing group. "We continue to be impressed with Sinoglory’s ability to produce a cost-effective, consistent quality product for our food and nutrition end users in the United States and Canada." Scoular offers soy protein isolates for a variety of uses such as in nutritional powder drinks and supplements, bars, meats and meat analogs, baked goods and snacks, pasta, cereals, and soups and sauces.