NORTHFIELD, ILL. — Kraft Foods Inc. is making progress in its transportation sustainability efforts, including eliminating more than 50 million truck miles since 2005, the company said Nov. 19.

"We think about miles, piles and idles when moving our product," said Steve Yucknut, vice-president of sustainability at Kraft Foods. "We’re finding ways to drive fewer miles, reduce inventory piles and eliminate idling trucks. We’re collaborating with customers and suppliers. And we’re using a number of high-tech innovations for our trucks and warehouses to reduce energy and CO2 emissions."

Providing examples of its efforts, Kraft said it has saved more than a million miles in North America, replaced 10,000 truck shipments and reduced 2,000 tons of CO2 emissions by shipping wheat via waterways to its Toledo, Ohio, flour mill. The move has allowed ships to make bigger deliveries less frequently, the company said.

Also in North America, Kraft said it has purchased 11 hybrid direct-store delivery vehicles for frozen products. According to Kraft, the hybrid power train and electric refrigeration technology use up to 30% less fuel than a traditional truck. Meanwhile, in Mexico the company has developed a double-decker transport system that allows trucks to safely carry up to 56 pallets in one load — twice as many as before.