FRANKFURT, GERMANY — National Starch Food Innovation was awarded with the main prize in the Food Ingredients Excellence Awards at Food Ingredients Europe.

Specifically, National Starch Food Innovation received the Fi Excellence Innovation of the Year Award for its N-Dulge FR ingredient, which is a co-texturizer that enables the amount of butter, margarine or shortening used in cake recipes to be reduced by 75%.

National Starch also received the Bakery Innovation of the Year. Chr Hansen won Savory/Meat Innovation of the year for Bactoferm Rubis and Dairy Innovation of the Year for CHY-MAX M. Bactoferm Rubis solves oxidization problems in packaged meats naturally, and CHY-MAX M delivers reduced costs-in-use, better process control, improved flavor and increased shelf life in dairy applications.

The Confectionery Innovation of the Year award went to Fuji Oil Europe’s Redusat, which contains half the amount of saturates as normal saturated fats but maintains the same structure.

Lyckeby Culinar AB won the Snacks/On-The-Go category with its Culinax flavoring system for difficult-to-flavor products.