HELSINKI, FINLAND — Kemira Provian, a new meat preservative, is designed to extend shelf life and enhance food safety, according to Helsinki-based Kemira. The functional co-spray dried composition is based on the organic salts of sodium acetate and sodium lactate.

Provian is available in the United States and Canada through distributor Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients, Inc., Dublin, Ohio.

Kemira’s in-house laboratory and independent research institutes have tested Provian and found it inhibits the growth of total aerobic bacteria and acts as a safeguard against pathogens commonly found in meat products. Tests have shown Provian’s mildly salty taste enhances the flavor of cooked meat products. No adverse effects on sensory parameters such as taste, after-taste, odor or appearance have appeared. Provian does not lower the pH of cooked meat products because of its neutral pH value and buffering capacity.

Provian is exhibiting at stand No. 91#19 at Food Ingredients Europe going on Tuesday through Thursday in Frankfurt, Germany.