GREENVILLE, S.C. — Sara Lee Corp. on Nov. 19 said it will halt operations at its Greenville facility, a move that will eliminate 200 jobs.

"This decision is related to the loss of a major frozen dough customer," said Mike Cummins, a spokesperson for Sara Lee. "Due to its loss of volume, we determined that we wouldn’t be able to operate the facility at a level that is consistent with its financial expectations."

Mr. Cummins said Sara Lee has not decided when it will close the facility, but noted that the timing depends on when the remaining bagel and frozen dough production will be transferred to other facilities.

Sara Lee acquired the Greenville facility in 1984 from King’s Hawaiian Bakery. The plant produces frozen dough and bagels for the food service industry across the company’s Sara Lee and Jimmy Dean brands.

Sara Lee is providing severance packages and outplacement assistance to employees who lose their jobs, he said.