MANHATTAN — The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) and Kansas State University (K.S.U.) have partnered to create an International Center for Grain Handling Industry Operations (ICGHIO) through K.S.U.’s Department of Grain Science and Industry. The center will combine GEAPS experience in grain handling industry operations, continuing education and professional development with K.S.U.’s educational resources, research capacity and student outreach.

Beginning in January, GEAPS and K.S.U. said they will establish workgroups and develop the ICGHIO’s mission, next steps and scope of work.

"This strategic partnership between GEAPS and K.S.U. will provide an opportunity to create an education center where we will be able to capture this knowledge from experts around the world by converting it into distance learning materials," said Dirk Maier, head of the Department of Grain Science and Industry at K.S.U. "The ICGHIO will make their expertise plus new knowledge available around the world for the education and training of future generations of grain handling industry professionals."

He added that he envisions the center also will serve as "a global forum for the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge of grain handling industry operations." A core component of the ICGHIO will be credentialing of current grain operations management professionals.

"Our distance education partnership with K.S.U. has proven to be of great value to the industry and to our members," said Mark Tourangeau, president of GEAPS International. "GEAPS is committed to ensuring the successful future of the industry through education, a priority shared by the Grain Science and Industry department. This partnership with K.S.U. will allow GEAPS the opportunity to provide continuing education and professional development resources on a larger level than ever before."