PHOENIX — The Inventure Group is adding a new line of Hot Fries snacks under the Poore Brothers and Bob’s Texas Style brands. The new products will be licensed with Bruce Foods and feature the Original Louisiana Hot Sauce brand.

"When I think of a perfectly balanced hot sauce — one with rich flavor and the right amount of heat — like most people I think of The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce," said Steve Sklar, senior vice-president of marketing for The Inventure Group. "When we started toying with the idea of introducing a hot fry product, we naturally thought of Louisiana Hot Sauce. We’re excited to partner with them and are confident the new Hot Fries will be well received by consumers."

The new product is available in 3-oz bags and has a suggested retail price of between $1 and $1.29 each.

In addition to the Hot Fries, the Inventure Group is adding two new kettle-cooked potato chip varieties to the Poore Brothers brand in Mole and Habanero varieties. The products will be available in 8.5-oz bags with a suggested retail price between $2.99 and $3.29 each.