BATTLE CREEK, MICH. — The Kellogg Co. has reached a settlement with the Oregon Department of Justice and Attorney General John Kroger over marketing claims on Rice Krispies. Kellogg had come under fire for using the claim that Rice Krispies "helps support your child’s immunity" on boxes of the cereal. In settling, Kellogg has agreed to stop shipping boxes with the immunity language nationwide by Jan. 15, destroy more than 2 million units of packaging with the claim, and quit making such health claims unless it provides the Oregon D.O.J. with advance notice and reliable scientific evidence. In addition, Kellogg will contribute 108,000 boxes of cereal to Oregon Food Bank and 372,000 boxes to Feeding America. "Kellogg should be credited with addressing the allegations quickly and constructively," Mr. Kroger said. "This settlement will directly benefit Oregonians who are hungry." Kellogg announced in early November that it would no longer make the claims on packaging.