ST. PAUL, MINN. — AACC International has launched the Cereal Science Knowledge Database, an on-line technical resource for scientists studying cereal grains and their uses. The database is comprised of a library of netcasts — multimedia, scientific presentations that include audio, video, and informational slides from experts on a broad range of topics. According to AACC International, the netcasts will offer grain scientists the opportunity to connect with leading research and hot topics, along with the chance to review refresher information on core issues. Symposia and posters from annual meetings, in addition to presentations from a variety of meetings during the year, also will be available through the database, which will be updated every month. The Cereal Science Knowledge Database is available only to members of AACC International, and is currently being offered at a special introductory offer of $49 for a one-year subscription. More information, including a sample presentation, may be found on-line at