WENHAM, MASS. — As part of its "Year 5 Program," the Grain Foods Foundation has developed an editorial feature that has been released to newspapers and magazines nationwide.

Titled "The Goods on Grains," the one-page feature includes editorial copy describing the health benefits of grains, a sidebar offering a variety of ways to serve 10 grains/grain products and three recipes with accompanying photos.

Monica Huggins, a public relations account supervisor at Mullen, predicted "The Goods on Grains" would be printed 200 times and reach a circulation of 10 million.

"Editors will receive a targeted pitch and have the opportunity to feature the story in their food or lifestyle sections — perhaps even the front page — at a time most fitting with their overall editorial storylines," Ms. Huggins said. "It could be next month or even six months from now."

The editorial material focuses principally on whole grains but notes that the U.S. Department of Agriculture MyPyramid suggests six servings of grains each day for most people.

Noting that many women say they are confused about the health benefits of grains, the article details the healthfulness of whole grains. It also explains that enriched flour has added three B vitamins in the same amounts as whole wheat flour and folic acid in twice the amount contained in whole wheat flour.

The three recipes include one for breakfast (berry almond crumble oatmeal), one for lunch/dinner (grilled buffalo chicken sandwich) and one for snacking (parmesan-toasted snack mix).