OVERLAND PARK, KAS. — Robert J. Giguere has been named president of Cereal Process Technologies. He will succeed W.J. (Will) Duensing, who will retire March 13.

Mr. Giguere is part owner and managing technical director of C.P.T., as well as president of Iowa Corn Processors, Glidden, Iowa. I.C.P. is a food grade corn dry mill that uses the same technology as C.P.T. to supply products for the breakfast cereal, snack food, breading and beverage industries.

Mr. Giguere has been involved in the corn dry milling industry for more than 20 years having commercialized the corn dry-fractionation technology invented by his father, James Giguere. His experience in the industry includes production management roles in a dry mill corn plant located in Indiana, and he was in the project development role for the formation, construction and startup of Iowa Corn Processors. He and his father jointly own Cereal Holdings, L.L.C., which is part owner of C.P.T.

He also is a member of the board of directors of the North American Millers’ Association.

Mr. Duensing has been president of Cereal Process Technologies since 2007. Earlier, he spent 28 years with Bunge, most recently in quality assurance and technical services for Bunge Milling. He spent a quarter century involved in industry activities, first with the American Corn Millers Federation, which later was merged into NAMA.

Since the latter group was established in 1998, Mr. Duensing was chairman of the mycotoxin committee, the research committee, the corn dry milling conference committee, the technical committee and the allergen working group. Additionally, he was a member of the biopharm and regulatory working groups of the technical committee.

Mr. Duensing was the technical lead for NAMA on issues related to StarLink corn and allergens. In October 2008, he was elected by the NAMA board to be an honorary member.