DECATUR, ILL. — Tate & Lyle has identified seven trends it believes will drive the market this year. These trends are:

· Reduced calories — Health experts are recommending cutting calories through portion control and eating lower calorie foods, so foods with reduced sugar and calorie content that don’t compromise taste will do well.

· Health and wellness — Consumers prefer products with functional benefits, including digestive health, immunity defense and weight management. Top health and wellness ingredients include dietary fiber, vitamins and protein.

· Budget management — Consumers are tightening their belts, and value will remain important.

· Functional ingredients — Consumers desire foods that deliver benefits for multiple conditions such as added-fiber products that promote digestive health and help curb appetite.

· Comfort foods — With an increased emphasis on dining at home, consumers are reverting back to making foods that bring back good memories and emotions.

· Simple ingredients, clean labels — There is an increased desire among consumers to understand what is in foods, so ingredients requiring deciphering are out while foods with functional, recognizable ingredients will do well.

· Healthy indulgence — Consumers still want to have their treats, and if their favorite dessert has added fiber, vitamins or other nutrients there is pleasure with less guilt.