WASHINGTON — Alex Castellanos and Paul Begala will be featured guests at the 2009 American Bakers PAC Dinner April 6 during the annual meeting of the American Bakers Association.

A well-known media consultant and strategist for the Republican party, Mr. Castellanos has served on seven different presidential campaigns. He was a top media adviser in the successful Bush-Cheney campaign of 2004 as well as on the 2008 presidential campaign of Mitt Romney.

He is a partner in National Media, Inc., and has been involved in nine campaigns for the U.S. Senate and six for candidates for governor.

Mr. Castellanos has been credited with discovering the "soccer mom" and has been dubbed "father of the attack ad," the A.B.A. said. He has more than two decades of political consulting experience.

Bringing a different perspective to the proceedings will be Mr. Begala, who was a counselor to President Clinton, responsible for helping define and defend that administration’s agenda — from the State of the Union address to economic and foreign relations issue. He is the author of several books, including his most recent, which sought to paint a prospective John McCain presidency as the third term of President George W. Bush.

Mr. Begala serves as a political contributor for CNN, appearing frequently on CNN’s The Situation Room as well as other programs on all CNN networks. He was formerly co-host with Tucker Carlson of Crossfire, CNN's political debate program.

Both Mr. Castellanos and Mr. Begala appeared on CNN regularly as political commentators during the 2008 presidential campaign.

"These are two of the most knowledgeable and well respected political strategists inside the Beltway," said Steve Avera, A.B.A. PAC chairman and a senior vice-president, secretary and general counsel at Flowers Foods, Inc., Thomasville, Ga. "We are fortunate to have them join us at the A.B.A. convention in Amelia Island."

The A.B.A. annual meeting will be held April 6-8 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Amelia Island, Fla.