THOMASVILLE, GA. — Flowers Foods, Inc. is introducing four snack cakes under its Blue Bird brand.

Blue Bird Banana Pudding Cupcakes are golden cupcakes with natural banana-flavored creme and icing and vanilla wafer crumbles. They are sold in 6-count packages.

Blue Bird 100-Calorie Mini Lemon Cupcakes are golden cupcakes with natural lemon-flavored creme and icing and offering an excellent source of fiber and a good source of vitamins A, D and E. They are sold in 6-count, 3-packs.

Blue Bird Creme-filled Carrot Cake Bingles are creme-filled carrot cakes in a new "finger," or "bingle," shape. They are sold in individual 2-packs.

Blue Bird Creme-filled Frosted Bingles are golden cake Bingles, crème-filled and covered in chocolate. They are sold in individual 2-packs.

"Flavor, quality and innovation are the keys to spurring snack sales and our new Blue Bird cakes deliver on all three counts," said Brent Bradshaw, brand manager. "Our banana pudding cupcakes and 100-calorie lemon cupcakes are unique in the market. As for our carrot cake and frosted Bingles, we’ve put new twists on familiar favorites. Flowers is committed to bringing excitement to the snack cake category by creating delicious innovations."

All four items are available in supermarket, mass merchandise and other retail channels in the Flowers Bakeries’ super-regional, direct-store delivery territory in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southwest, and select markets in Southern California and Nevada.