MINNEAPOLIS — French Meadow Bakery, a certified organic bakery founded in 1985 by Lynn Gordon, has introduced several new bread and tortilla products.

Our Daily Bread is a yeast free, vegan sprouted whole grain bread that features CoroWise, a plant sterol proven to lower L.D.L. cholesterol, as well as omega-3 rich chia seeds. The bread, which is one of five products in French Meadow Bakery’s performance bread line, also is certified low glycemic for diabetics and contains 80 calories per slice, the company said.

"It’s the perfect ‘daily bread,’" said Elizabeth Naffziger, marketing manager for French Meadow Bakery. "We want to give people real whole food alternatives that offer a delicious and healthy whole grain diet."

The bread has a suggested retail price of $6.30 to $7 for a 24-oz loaf.

French Meadow also is launching two new tortilla products: Hemp Tortilla and Organic Wheat and Sprouted Grain.

While both tortillas feature sprouted living grains for health benefits, the company said Hemp Tortillas "are loaded with hempseed, flaxseed and organic pumpkin seeds." The tortillas are high in whole grain fiber and protein, yeast free, and have no added oils or sweeteners.

The suggested retail price for the Hemp Tortilla is $4.32 to $4.80, while the Organic Wheat and Sprouted Grain Tortilla carries a S.R.P. of $3.42 to $3.80. The 7-inch tortillas join the existing Fat Flush Tortillas line.