KANSAS CITY — Interstate Bakeries Corp. announced plants to close baking plants in Columbus, Ohio, and Springfield, Mo., in May, citing "changing consumer preferences and market conditions." In February, I.B.C. had closed a production line at the Columbus plant, a move that cost the bakery 38 of its 70 jobs at the plant.

According to I.B.C., the two baking plants — which don’t produce any of the company’s cake products — employ a total of 232 people.

Interstate added that local market developments, including declines of bread volume from customer purchases, have prompted the company to rationalize its production capacity.

"While closing bakeries is always a difficult decision to make, it’s important that we continue to shape our business to meet the demands of the marketplace," said Craig Jung, chief executive officer. "We deeply regret the impact this decision will have on our talented employees and their families."

I.B.C. said it will continue to serve customers in the regions of the closing baking plants with products from other company facilities in Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma and Indiana.

After the closings in May, I.B.C. will operate 39 baking plants in 23 states.