WASHINGTON — A new Web site, www.soybeanpremiums.org, is designed to connect soyfood companies with growers of a variety of premium soybeans. The Illinois Soybean Association developed the web site. The Iowa Soybean Association and the Indiana Soybean Alliance sponsor it.

"Soyfood companies want to find soybean growers in the United States that will help them meet the growing demand for soyfoods," said Ted Nordquist, president of the Soyfoods Association of North America. "We encourage buyers of premium soybeans to post their supply needs on www.soybeanpremiums.org and all farmers to visit that Web site and find a purchaser."

The Soyfoods Association said the site is necessary as soyfood processors and manufacturers often have a difficult time reaching qualified, preferred growers who can segregate and store specialized soybeans, and the site allows processors and manufacturers to post their specific needs and soybean growers to connect with buyers.