MINNEAPOLIS — Cargill has developed flavor systems for rebiana, a zero-calorie natural sweetener extracted from the stevia plant that is more than 200 times sweeter than sugar, according to Cargill. The systems may work in cereal, yogurt, ice cream, confectionery and beverage applications such as carbonated soft drinks and flavored water.

"Cargill is in an enviable competitive position because we are ready to provide customized natural flavor solutions for rebiana-sweetened products," said Sheri White, marketing manager for Cargill Flavor Systems. "We have years of experience working in this area that will benefit customers by reducing the development cycle for food and beverages."

A patented technology simultaneously measures comprehensive cellular-level taste responses and uses them for developing new flavor systems.

"Cargill Flavor Systems taps into the world-class technology pool that no other food ingredient or flavor company can offer," said Dr. Paul Kim, technical director for Cargill Flavor Systems.

Cargill will showcase its rebiana-compatible flavor solutions at the "Best of Food Thinking 2009," the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food exposition scheduled for June 6-9 in Anaheim, Calif.