TERRE HAUTE, IND. — Clabber Girl plans to introduce a product line under the InnovaPhase brand name at the "Best of Food Thinking 2009," the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food exposition scheduled for June 6-9 in Anaheim, Calif.

The InnovaPhase line will include InnovaBake, InnovaYield and InnovaFresh. Clabber Girl and its ingredient distributors exclusively will market the line, which will use a system of encapsulated technologies.

InnovaBake, an encapsulated leavening system, allows bakers to control leavening reaction overall and also the timing of multi-staged release leavening. InnovaYield, a dough conditioner for use with frozen batter and dough applications, increases dough height and improves overall yield. InnovaFresh, a preserving system, controls the chemical reaction, which produces a lower pH, reduces moisture absorption and extends shelf life.

"The biggest advantage of encapsulated products is how they can protect or delay a chemical reaction in baking so that a baked good can be improved or a new line of baked goods can be mass produced," said Pat Jobe, team leader of Clabber Girl’s research and development group.