NEW YORK — The Bread Art Project of the Grain Foods Foundation received a jolt of national publicity April 27 when the campaign was featured on the CBS Early Show. Standing as part of a crowd in the General Motors Building plaza at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street, where the news program is broadcast, was a team organized by the marketing firm. The group, led by Mullen executives Kelly Burke and Jennifer Geiger, was shown several times over the course of the program, holding posters of bread art featuring images of Early Show cast members as well as bread with the logos of musical groups Styx and REO Speedwagon. The bands performed as part of the show.

During the broadcast, weatherman David Price visited the G.F.F. group on the plaza and commented on the bread likenesses of the cast members. When he reached the poster featuring Harry Smith, Mr. Price applied a "schmear" of cream cheese to cover the anchor’s bald pate and went on to give Mr. Smith a cream cheese mustache and eyebrows. Mr. Price enthusiastically described the Bread Art Project, noting that digital bread art was being created with $1 going to feed the hungry for each slice of art produced.

Kristin L. Patterson, a Mullen representative, told Milling & Baking News she was very pleased with the coverage.

"The fact that the weatherman delivered our message, rather than one of our people, gave us greater credibility," she said. "He talked about how cool it was and how much he liked the idea."

Ms. Patterson said the CBS Early Show reaches 3.5 million viewers and estimated the equivalent advertising value of the coverage at $160,365.