OMAHA — The James Skinner Baking Co., a baker of coffee cakes, muffins and cinnamon rolls, has introduced a tamper evident safety seal for its products marketed in see-through clamshells. While several companies have added tamper evident seals to plastic film around baked goods, James Skinner Baking is believed to be the first to market the technology for clamshells.

"In addition to the bakery’s consistent American Institute of Baking superior quality ratings, there was a need to keep the product protected and safe as it makes its way to the retailer’s shelf and onto the consumer’s plate," said Tony McCroy, head of food defense initiatives at James Skinner Baking. "We need to address the consumers safety from start to finish and that includes after the product leaves the bakery. The patented front sealed clamshell is part of the company’s continued commitment to food defense and safety. We are pioneering methods with the consumer’s protection and safety in mind.

"Food defense is designed to guard against food contamination by conspirators whose sole objective is to injure or cause fatalities to the general population. Combined with our food safety initiatives that were implemented to prevent negligible or unlawful acts we are leading the way to a complete solution."

Jim Skinner, president and owner of the fourth generation, family-owned company, added, "As a market leader we have a responsibility to our customers to invest in technology and resources for their protection and safety. This latest initiative positions our company to have in-store bakery products that provide the consumer with the same food defense and safety that they have grown accustomed to and in some cases demanded for many of the products on grocery shelves."

James Skinner Baking produces more than 200 million pastries a year, mostly under store brands. The company said it plans to begin selling products under its own label this summer.