OMAHA — ConAgra Foods, Inc. on Monday unveiled a new brand identity featuring a new logo that the company believes reinforces its position as a leading food company. With the tagline "Food you love," the new logo features a more contemporary color palette along with a "spoon in plate" icon.

"Our new brand identity is an articulation of the essence of ConAgra Foods — making great food," said Gary Rodkin, chief executive officer. "We’ve changed the company fairly dramatically over the past several years to get these strong brands and products at the core of everything we do."

Since taking over the company in 2005, Mr. Rodkin gradually has shifted ConAgra away from a being a holding company and more toward being a food marketer in the mold of Kraft Foods Inc. or General Mills, Inc. In 2008, the company sold its trading operations, exiting the commodity trading, fertilizer and ethanol businesses. Today, the company’s focus is squarely on branded packaged foods sold in supermarkets and other retailers as well as food sold to restaurants and other manufacturers.

By adding a tagline and smiling plate and spoon, ConAgra has freshened up a logo that previously only included the company’s name: ConAgra Foods. The logo and tagline will begin appearing in national marketing campaigns and will appear on the back of the company’s product packaging.

"We’re committed to our brands that consumers already know and love, while at the same time creating new, popular choices for generations to come," Mr. Rodkin said. "We believe the new brand identity for the company captures both our heritage and our progressive spirit in becoming better and better every day for our consumers and our customers."