SASKATOON, SASK. — Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc. on June 5 said it will extend its 10-year alliance with the Saskatoon-based National Research Council Plant Biotechnology Institute for another five years.

Dow did not disclose financial details of the arrangement.

"This third five-year term of the alliance further leverages P.B.I. and Dow AgroSciences research and product development," said Jim Wispinski, president of Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc. "Our ongoing and future collaborations promise innovative breakthroughs that will have a significant impact on canola growers and value chain partners by enhancing quality and productivity; ultimately creating more value for Canadian canola."

Dow said the alliance objectives relate to technologies leading to "new oil profiles for industry and health." Agronomic productivity and increased yield also are being pursued.

Work during the early years of the collaboration have yielded "significant discoveries, including the development of canola plants which produce higher levels of oil and canola meal with reduced levels of anti-nutritional factors," the company said.